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Once again

I am amazed how much I am finding myself this summer.. yes.. i know when i go back to school it will all be over.. the thought provoking time with friends.. everything. But for right now I am relishing in the fact that I have grown strong this summer. Stronger than i could have ever dreamed possible.
I have been sitting at the computer since i got home from dennys 2 hours ago. just thinking about everything. thinking about how close I am to moving away.
how close i am to happiness. just everything is moving so fast... and I am loving it.
By the End of this year.. Sammie, Me, jon, and Jim are planning on moving into a condo in Burien. To get away, to be away. from everything. We will still hold our jobs.. and hopefully by that time We will all have our diplomas and G.E.D.'s and be set. Here is to hoping *raises her cigg high* That everything that we hope for in life comes true at some point at another and that if it does come later that we still be happy it came at all!
I love my life right now.
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*smiles* - coffee swirl

oh my freak...

I am so fawking tired.
My legs hurt.
my feet hurt.
my head hurts.
Everything is in pain.
My wrists hurt.
my arms hurt.
my knees hurt.
At least I'm sane.

Ugg! Why do so many people put off buying there mothers day cards? don't they realize we get the cards up for them before easter so ther isn't a rush?
okay... maybe they dont... thats why we get 12-20 people lines and people yell.... well guess what?
Like Mylee says "its not our fault you waited till the last minute to buy your cards"
Nights like these make me wish Megan my old manager was still with our staff...
Bed... is calling me.
sweeeeetly soothing sounds. (or maybe thats just the nature soundtrack i have in... o.0?) Church tomorrow morning.. then off to work. :|
night ya'll

(oh.. and if i don't answer your replys.. its just cause i hardly have anytime.. and i want to be able to get everything out... and let a few people know how I am doing rather than (not trying to sound mean) then asnwer back to a whole bunch of people... Jordan. I shall try to write an e-mail when i get off work tomorrow.. Teresa... I'm cool were I am.. i literly told my mom to not tell me anything more about the case and everything unless its good news... even though my dad slipped and told me my cousin was written aobut in the paper... and theres a picture. yarrg! $@*%*@&#^!!!)
oh... and I'm not supposed to tell... but my Nat finally answered me on the weight question... don't know if shes lying... since our family has a weird history with Ana' and 'Mia disorders... "I've been going to Curve's. They're a couple ladys that are very kind to me. I can't even tell you how very supportive they are of me loosin' my baby fat."
another supporter for Curves. now that is really making me consider it.
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*smiles* - coffee swirl


So i'm stairing at my site.. working with it to put up a new picture... and I wondered and brought it up in my mozilla browser.. stupid site looks like trash! UGG! so I am going to need to make one home-home page and then have to seperate home pages and sites for explorer and Mozilla. *grumbles* this site will be most likely be done by next year now... X|

uggg... and I have work tomorrow... blahhhh... oh well. Its the last time I will ever get to see gwen *sigh* I'm ganna miss gwen. She was the one that taught me to work at hallmark.. for her I like doubled my effor cause she was so cool... and its weird.. i have adopted her little eye brow lip thing... were one eye brow goes down and one goes up... then your mouth goes into a tilt. or the one dimple thing.. were i pul in on one side of my mouth and frown and it shows a small dimple.. it looks like whatever i am looking at is painfully funny.. its funny lookin.. I'll probaby get wrinklees from it later in my life XD.. but gosh darn i am going to miss her!!! grrrrrrrr! I don't want ther to work in Tacoma! boooooo.
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*smiles* - coffee swirl

*sweet, bouncy giggles*

I don't have to work tomorrow.
I get paid Sunday.
I will most likely see harry potter on Sunday after work....
this pay check i think I will be able to pay for my tickets for Savannah! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
and for more Primo bouncy goodness....


^_^ *giggles proudly* She looks like she is about to burst with beautiful energy ^_^
and is she singing the "All the Raindrops" song in that picture?? Its probably not... but it sure looks like it!
(If all the raindrops/ Were lemon drops and gumdrops/ Oh what a rain that would be/ Standing outside/ with my mouth open wide/ A-a-a-a-a-a ... ect)
heh.. use my username and pass if you want to really see it here is my Collapse )

*laughs* I am so bouncly happy... and the fact that I have time for Reading Kushiel again... oh boy... much better ^_^!!! ... notice i make no mention of my GPA for this quarter... thats because i hate it.. and i will post it at semester... because I hate it...
Erggg. And I am trying to get copys of the picture we took at our store of the group of us in our elf costumes... *growls* but they won't let me take it to school to scan it in! *growls and laughs*

Life i good... and I have no idea how i made it like this... all I haope is that the crash and burn scenario that normally happens fter to much happiness at once doesn't happen.

Soo.. Time for bed... listening to Endless Still, Enya, and Evanscence. *grins happly at her e-cd* an reading Kushiel. *grins* Cassalines are yummy good.