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I tried to update last night... but kept falling asleep... and my computer started trying to freeze up.... so what did i do? i started exiting out of the screens i wasnt using... that.. in error, caused me to exit out of the screen i had my update on! Gah!
But here would be the basic jist...
four days till Tristan Arrives, Four! Wee! Havent seen her for ages! (literly!... i had just turned 15 when she left! Im 17 now!) The last image i had off her i frced myself to remember... Her driving away in her loaded u white... i think it was an outback.... pulling out and having about three kids kinda stairing after her in differant locations... I had tears streaming down my face... She pulled up to the light, put her hair in a pony tail and drove off... i waited for her to look back... she didn't i cried a bit harder then walked home.... it took till aboutseptember fr me to snap out of it... even then i had to adjust to not being able to see her, nor contact her because i had lost all the information to reach her with. I still kinda want to remember what she wrote on the paper.. as i have forgotten now.... But when CK gave me her e-mail i regained connection... the convos are still a bit faulty at times because it still feels like im talking to "Ms. Hendrickson" not Tristan, but often times it does feel like i am talking to "Tristan", a dear friend. I really do hope that that connection stays affter i see her again shortly.. that it does not diminish after taling with her in person.
Later today im supposed to be picked up by Kaleigh... My best friend... Really... i think we are becoming closer as friends... i never thought we could... never.. i thought we were as close as we could get, but we found topics we have never shared before and have become closer still... Its amazing... but then she will be leaving on the 28th (she leaves at 7 am to Tristans Arrival at 10 am... grrr... couldnt switch the arrival and departure times around could they!) and it will be back to hardly any contact... grrr... I hate long distance phone calls... and she cant get on the internet alot... *sigh* tis why i tresure the moments i get with her when she is out here.
The play in the park (Twelfth Night) on friday was AWESOME!!!!! The fool, Feste, did an excelent job, i loved how Maria was played and sir toby! Andrews part was done superbly, viola played her role excelently and so did Sebastion. *sigh* I loved Malvolios part as well... lets just say theres a part where he is required to wear grossgarted yellow stockings and smile a lot. He smiled alot.. and he wore what he was told.. and then some. No where have i seen a Malvolio dress up in all yellow and Happy face boxers... It was very cold... and he was out in the cold air with pretty much JUST boxers! BWAHAHAHA! The dedication and obediance!! Fwargg! I talked to Olivia afterwards and she said that George Mount (!) was looking for interns Wee! So i got home and sent a letter to the Wooden O theatre... Heres to hoping i get a job with them!
And now... Wee! Im watching the new trailer for Serenity and just about drooling! Eep! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bangs head on the table* WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT TILL SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

Until the End of time
She gets what she takes
~The Noble and Patient Anna
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meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^_^=

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Finished my new set of arm warmers... okay almost... im giving my fingers a break.. I blew up at my mom after she called me a bitch and started yelling in my ear... and refused to help her find the cover for the bobbin holder until she apologized.... sewing machine was takin' away from me till i found it... i yelled. she said sorry... i found her bobbin thingy majig... and by that time i had already sewed more then half of the arm warmer up by hand... grr... havent done hand sewing in a while... and i must admit i sew pretty good... but its been a while and the time passed comboed with a severe migrain (hence the yelling) has doubled my chance of me pricking myself with the needle sevral times.. it looks like a docter was trying to test my blood but couldn't figure out where.... eep! Word to the wise no sewing while angry!

[edit 1215 am July 19th] Im tired... i didn't start on the purse nor the skirt like i wanted too... soo... grrrrrr. *shrugs* im way to tired... its like the energy has just been sucked out of me! and poor kaleigh gets whats left of me on friday... all the way through wednesday... tut tut... im afraid i will be tired enough i will start snoring... not pretty... grrrrrrr. *looks over her black nails and smiles* i really do like my nails this color... and the silver bracelets and jelly bracelets are very cute. I found one of the mixican pearly bracelets i made in 8th grade and put that on -grins- i look perty for a girl about to climb into bed.... now... to read the new Luise Rennison book.. or harry potter... grrr.. descisions..... grrrr. My dad's birthday is on monday of next week... i cant remember if he will be 59 or 60.... god..... to say i have a dad that is 60... eep... that will be weird.... eep... i know teachers that i ahve now that there parents are just NOW turning 60.... and there over thirty years old.... hahahaha. oh well. They still look like there 40 something! :P Okay... i know i shouldn't... but im going to go grab a pop and hed to bed... maybe ... naw... i was going to say coke... but my gradpa showed me the whole t bone steak ina bowl of coke thing when i was younger so i refuse to drink it right before bead... so i'll probably just grab an orange... tut tut.. notes from the universe should be hear shortly... tut tut.. school tomorrow.. tut tut... grrr... im tired.. im going to bed... harry is coming with me ;P Night all! [/edit]
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This was going to be one of the links i was going to use for my partner project on Goth and Dramatic Dark Rock... But i couldnt find the link once i got to school... But i am still free free to drool over this page as a i inspect the countless item in my closet that need "Changing" *grins* oh yes... Anna Will be very happy making a long vest... or perhaps a tattered and rags skirt... oh... the bondage pant do look delightful as-well... *grins happly*... yay for internet!

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Cramps.. and my calves hurt... I did more walking yesterday then normal... mostly because i missed one bus so i had to run to another bus stop catch that one to another stop so i could beat it so i would make my transfer ontime!
Grrr... so tired... fireworks kept going offf... very loud.
*sigh* time for school... Anna's hungry... but shes ignoring it.... I'll be grabbing my bottle of water now and heading off... Blargg... oh... Teresa.. if you read this... check out my Deviantart account.. I posted a picture that you might like... its up on my recent favorites.
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Im so tired... And im working on a 20 page project... very tiring but i will live.. I >WILL< get this done! *nods in and out of sleep*
Oh.. I made a new cuff bracelet last night... yeah.. covers up the scar quite nicely... its still tempting me... but then again... (thanks Tristan Mundo for the advice as-well) so is going out for a run down the street and back (Im lazy and don't want to run to far away from home :p) But i might just do some crunches or something like that... *thinks* i wonder if i can still do over 300 crunches without getting tired... hmmm. I'll try that tomorrow... but yeah.. very tired... feeling uber artistic and the fabric and glue gun is calling my name.. but then again... so is my homework..... grr.. i cant go to sleep... my mind wont let me! I just tried!! No luck! i just lay there with my eyes closed but i can hear everything... includin the neighbor kids shooting bottle rockets off in the middle of 188th... grr.
[edit 12:42 am] messanger went off just as i was going to sleep.. i forgot to shut everything down... grr... but this is what i was awoken by... and i rather like it...

For me, Anna, loving you and your life has never been a function of what you do or don't do, have or don't have, are or are not. That would be rather ridiculous, don't you think? Not to mention superficial, judgmental, and thoroughly dim-witted.

I think you should adopt the same policy.

The Universe

... Me likey... *yawn* back to bed.

When it rains, I pour....
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