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Saying goodbye...

Saying goodbye was immensly hard today. The whole class... we all had bonded into this big family... I'll miss the twins, Donni, Lauren, Chantel, amber, Janae, Daneil, Jessica, Jess, Jessi, Serena, Kelsi, Dion, Kristin, Lamb-ha, Nikki, Rusten, Heather, Brenda, Nicky, Keslsey, Stephen, Amanda, Brieanna, Laming, Brucada, Megan, And Brittany... i'll miss them all *sigh*
I got to be my self around them.. never had to worry... Im going to miss that.... im going to miss designing dresses and laughing it up with 9 girls from completly differant schools... Im going to miss the whore house lunch crew and the Spray Paint Gang... im going to miss them... -pouts loudly on the floor-
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Finished my new set of arm warmers... okay almost... im giving my fingers a break.. I blew up at my mom after she called me a bitch and started yelling in my ear... and refused to help her find the cover for the bobbin holder until she apologized.... sewing machine was takin' away from me till i found it... i yelled. she said sorry... i found her bobbin thingy majig... and by that time i had already sewed more then half of the arm warmer up by hand... grr... havent done hand sewing in a while... and i must admit i sew pretty good... but its been a while and the time passed comboed with a severe migrain (hence the yelling) has doubled my chance of me pricking myself with the needle sevral times.. it looks like a docter was trying to test my blood but couldn't figure out where.... eep! Word to the wise no sewing while angry!

[edit 1215 am July 19th] Im tired... i didn't start on the purse nor the skirt like i wanted too... soo... grrrrrr. *shrugs* im way to tired... its like the energy has just been sucked out of me! and poor kaleigh gets whats left of me on friday... all the way through wednesday... tut tut... im afraid i will be tired enough i will start snoring... not pretty... grrrrrrr. *looks over her black nails and smiles* i really do like my nails this color... and the silver bracelets and jelly bracelets are very cute. I found one of the mixican pearly bracelets i made in 8th grade and put that on -grins- i look perty for a girl about to climb into bed.... now... to read the new Luise Rennison book.. or harry potter... grrr.. descisions..... grrrr. My dad's birthday is on monday of next week... i cant remember if he will be 59 or 60.... god..... to say i have a dad that is 60... eep... that will be weird.... eep... i know teachers that i ahve now that there parents are just NOW turning 60.... and there over thirty years old.... hahahaha. oh well. They still look like there 40 something! :P Okay... i know i shouldn't... but im going to go grab a pop and hed to bed... maybe ... naw... i was going to say coke... but my gradpa showed me the whole t bone steak ina bowl of coke thing when i was younger so i refuse to drink it right before bead... so i'll probably just grab an orange... tut tut.. notes from the universe should be hear shortly... tut tut.. school tomorrow.. tut tut... grrr... im tired.. im going to bed... harry is coming with me ;P Night all! [/edit]
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Oh my Fudging Gosh!!

^yes i realize thats funny sounding, yes its okay to laugh, yes you may call me weird.. i actually like it.

WEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (sorry if i just killed your friends page :P) I had a blast!!!!!!
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But all and all it was awesome.. I want to make a dress now... ohh... i want to really badly... pardon me... i think i am... tee hee hee... hmm... maybe a Drama teacher by day and Costume designer at night? or Drama teacher for schol and Costume Designer during the summer months... omg... wow! Eeee!! Im so happy... it was wonderful!!!
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Anna needs sleep.. running on hardly an thing... and have had no caffiene of the sort in what? hmmm 4-5 days... it makes me a very tired person... blargg.
There must be atleast a gallon of water running through my veins today... If i have really big hankering for the cookies in our cupboard i grab my water bottle insted. Grrrr. I must admit i have had a little caffiene.. cause i had Reeses yesterday and theres caffiene in chocolate.
I want to make something!! Grrr! I donated a little fabbric to my class at OSC today so they have a little more fabric... But now i want to make something... Arm warmers? Belt? maybe start on a coreset? hmmm... New cuff bracelets? a hat? i could do a shirt.. and i might if i finnish my magazine early. (might)
Oh... Talked to one of the girls in my class (Brieanna) and found out we have a lot in common. We were talking about depression and bipolar disorders... then started talking about our dream weddings and we named off them same things.. talked a bit about music and found out we like the same stuff. Hee hee, here comes the pants kicker. She asked me what month i was born in.. when i responded (may) she looked kinda amused. then she asked what day (25th) and she just staired at me and then burst out with "Thats my birthday too!" we were all giggles from then on. She has her own very unigue sense of style... its like.. hmm... punk/Junior power meets Runway style. Very cool.
I talked to Serena a bit before that. Shes a total Evanescence Junky. I swear she is the only other person i know who is more obbsessed with them then me (Even more then Heather Hutchison!!) Shes met Amy once, went to two concerts, dresses like her, Has a dog with Amy as its middle name, and has a shrine dedicated to her in her room. Her therapist is putting her on OCD meds for it all... which seems to help but its still loads of fun to talk to her. We both have almost all there songs... the only ones she doesnt have are Dolphins cry (neither do I) and You... but only because she refuses to listen to it because Amy asked everyone to get rid of it back in 2002.
Okay... must get going.. I want to be in bed by 10:30 tonight (early... very early) so i need to get back to work. tata!
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