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Merge and MERG!

Merge. For those of you on my "Truth Be Told" List i merged the last two entrys for Friends List Conveniance. Dont you just love me?
Knew you did!


Hahhaha! In order to stifle pain exuding from my stomache AKA Cramps. I was in an effort to find something to do. Not finding the cookbook i wanted to maim i found a box of cloths in the closet hidden in our hallway (seriously.. I forgot we had a closet there!) Annnnnyways. I went rifling through it and found tons of old shirts from the 70. Now.. I must say... My Dad was a Big Boy at that age.. So the shirts are pretty big.. Plus.. That was about the time My dad met my mom.. so the shirts were picked to be worn by the both of them (Everyone go "Awwwww")
So went digging through.. and what to my shock did i find? Shirts! That can be donated to drama! yes.. well all of them can.. but there in really good condition these are.. But i siad to myself "Lets try a couple on first!" Grabbed a Silk button up shirt with long sleeves and tried it on.. Woot! It fits! and what else! I realised i tried it on two summers ago when my dad was throwing out old cloths! IT DIDNT FIT THEN! Yes!
So now im in cute clothing.. i mean cute.. I look like im ready to go to a club or something.. @_@ "Someone will take me to a club..."
Yes.. So i want to do something.. My hair is kinda cute worthy.. my toenails are still black (Havent chipped.. so no desire to repaint them) and i can show of my necklace i made.. anyone? Anywhere? Please? Anna Needs to get out again!
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Tristan... wow...

To say the least it was surreal... i didn't think it was all happening... When i first walked in i was like... "where is she?" i was thinking that she had left for some reason.. then.. the crowds parted (and i mean crowds) and i saw her.. black Nasscar shirt, and black pinstrip pants (like mine).. My hands were shaking so bad... i couldn't even hug her for a few minutes because i was scared...
We were told to move to another side of the dennys... god.. i wanted to laugh so hard as we all moved over... I hugged her as she went around the corner and heard her say into me ear "Its so great to see you" and i don't know if i thought it or said it but i was just "Its so great to see you, you have no idea"
I had to continue to not cry as we all sat down... we all started talking i was just looking around... feeling ... not so much left out as nastalgic.
So many people i knew.. some i didn't.. but most i had invited for her. (Me, Being the Drama Nerd Invited everyone i could contact)I growl at the people that said they would come but didn't - *growl!!*
Nick Adams came... then left quickly, picked up his guitar and Hermonica, and came back.. at which he proceeded to write a song about her. *sigh* I don't know if he wrote one but he played some gooooood guitar!
After a while the some 32 (!)(yes, i counted) people that showed up started to leave (:() and we were left with a group of about 9 or 10... not that many... and talk seemed to turn back to how things were. we talked about everything pretty much... Everything... There was a point were talked turned to her father in which i couldn't help but give her a hug about... Then we talked about how much she has helped us.. and that means in two ways.. In school and with out mental health.. there were a few kids ( i will not name names.) that revieled if it were not for her that many of us would be long dead by now. mostly be suicide. truly... And i think i can say... that we most likely would have.. i told them there in front of everyone that i know i wouldn't have been there sevral days out of the year if it were not for her e-mails... keeping me loved, so to speek. I kneeled behind her and just rested my head on her shoulder, I put one hand on her other shoulder and she grabbed it and seemed to squeeze it when she felt a little tense.. it was like a momma giving birth.. not so intense... but enough to know shes tensing up... you know.. casting her "babys" into a world I guess would be kinda similar to birth. lol. But it was good too feel it... It just... ment something to me to have her doing even that.
Alex Ingarta showed up.. I was blown over with that... I was hoping there would be a way for her to show up, and she did, she looked wonderful... ha! She ordered as soon as she got there and she had pancakes and grapefruit juice with bacon.. yes yes. But it was so good to see her..
Through all this I passed around the Drama quilt.. and to my dismay.. not everyone signed it *grumbles* But to those who did... this is wonderfull.
There were some that got a bit confused and thought that it would be going too her... *twinkly wink* it will.. eventually.
But here are some of the things that were written on there today.. just to show you a bit of what the mood was like:
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And that was just some of the love...
I want to move down there.. but i will get my certificate for teaching and all my stuff first... see what its like in the "real world" first. *sigh* and then.. i can explain all... and hopefully be in a completely differant state by then :P

Okay.. okay.. enough.. theres more to what happened but im taking up a ton of space as it is.
I would tell you more. but seeing as she hasn't posted yet... i don't think i will -_^
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I tried to update last night... but kept falling asleep... and my computer started trying to freeze up.... so what did i do? i started exiting out of the screens i wasnt using... that.. in error, caused me to exit out of the screen i had my update on! Gah!
But here would be the basic jist...
four days till Tristan Arrives, Four! Wee! Havent seen her for ages! (literly!... i had just turned 15 when she left! Im 17 now!) The last image i had off her i frced myself to remember... Her driving away in her loaded u white... i think it was an outback.... pulling out and having about three kids kinda stairing after her in differant locations... I had tears streaming down my face... She pulled up to the light, put her hair in a pony tail and drove off... i waited for her to look back... she didn't i cried a bit harder then walked home.... it took till aboutseptember fr me to snap out of it... even then i had to adjust to not being able to see her, nor contact her because i had lost all the information to reach her with. I still kinda want to remember what she wrote on the paper.. as i have forgotten now.... But when CK gave me her e-mail i regained connection... the convos are still a bit faulty at times because it still feels like im talking to "Ms. Hendrickson" not Tristan, but often times it does feel like i am talking to "Tristan", a dear friend. I really do hope that that connection stays affter i see her again shortly.. that it does not diminish after taling with her in person.
Later today im supposed to be picked up by Kaleigh... My best friend... Really... i think we are becoming closer as friends... i never thought we could... never.. i thought we were as close as we could get, but we found topics we have never shared before and have become closer still... Its amazing... but then she will be leaving on the 28th (she leaves at 7 am to Tristans Arrival at 10 am... grrr... couldnt switch the arrival and departure times around could they!) and it will be back to hardly any contact... grrr... I hate long distance phone calls... and she cant get on the internet alot... *sigh* tis why i tresure the moments i get with her when she is out here.
The play in the park (Twelfth Night) on friday was AWESOME!!!!! The fool, Feste, did an excelent job, i loved how Maria was played and sir toby! Andrews part was done superbly, viola played her role excelently and so did Sebastion. *sigh* I loved Malvolios part as well... lets just say theres a part where he is required to wear grossgarted yellow stockings and smile a lot. He smiled alot.. and he wore what he was told.. and then some. No where have i seen a Malvolio dress up in all yellow and Happy face boxers... It was very cold... and he was out in the cold air with pretty much JUST boxers! BWAHAHAHA! The dedication and obediance!! Fwargg! I talked to Olivia afterwards and she said that George Mount (!) was looking for interns Wee! So i got home and sent a letter to the Wooden O theatre... Heres to hoping i get a job with them!
And now... Wee! Im watching the new trailer for Serenity and just about drooling! Eep! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bangs head on the table* WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT TILL SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

Until the End of time
She gets what she takes
~The Noble and Patient Anna
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Oh my Fudging Gosh!!

^yes i realize thats funny sounding, yes its okay to laugh, yes you may call me weird.. i actually like it.

WEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (sorry if i just killed your friends page :P) I had a blast!!!!!!
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But all and all it was awesome.. I want to make a dress now... ohh... i want to really badly... pardon me... i think i am... tee hee hee... hmm... maybe a Drama teacher by day and Costume designer at night? or Drama teacher for schol and Costume Designer during the summer months... omg... wow! Eeee!! Im so happy... it was wonderful!!!
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links for fashion Desing Magazine.. Resources. Pictures.

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Well after commenting on multiple Livejournals for the past few days i think its about time i update with a small one.

I was sick pretty much all week.... even the days i went to school i should not have.. people know this.
Am now very quickly running towards the catholic religion...
Saw my best friend and pastor get married... and realized AFTER i got home.. I would never see them again :(
My brother took away my bible cause he thinks im becoming too religious... then he proceeded to say there three Atheist living in the house and we dont need one bible toting catholic to make it uneven... i then proceeded to return the hateful comment back on him and reminded him Mom and dad are Presbyterian and not Atheist.
Am slowly finding ways to go to college....
Am worrying those ways will not be there next year.... and that a five -6 year plan for getting my degree in teaching and in theater will not be covered by a scholarship if i don't bring up my grades....
Had Easter dinner at my aunts (yay for one catholic in the family) we talked about everything.... vietnam, terri shiglov (sp? the girl that was taken off her feeding tube... the one that has the big mess in the supreme court because the parents want the feeding tube put back in), parental abuse, Angels, the pope, gambling, ethics, job hunting, Ex's, and clubs. We talked about more but those were the main topics. I got an awesome Easter present from her. Its a illustration book of The Hobbit. oh it has some beautiful work in it!. We played poker and i was winning till i got cocky and bet everything on a hand i should have never started betting on in the first place and lost 150 chips.... oh well i only put in a dollar anyways... and it was my moms dollar ^_^. then My aunt won by getting almost every single chip.. they said i was good though... They want to take me to reno when i turn 21.... Oh geez >.<.
I feel like i havent talked to anyone in forever. grrrrr. I hate being sick.
Oh! i had something good that i concocted at my aunts house... its Coffee, cream, sugar, vanilla ice-cream, wipcreme, almonds, chocolate and a cherry. I call it the life preserver... only because i was so bouncy after eating so many jelly beans my hands where shaking. I made that and within 2 minutes i was good. i had settled, and was pretty much ready for bed... mmmmm... coffee is nice..... sugar evil!

So yeah im posting about useless things... Got to witness some of the people from the legendary Cam walking to the airport yesterday and today... awww i love those guys.
I have, i think, three friends in the Camrilla... Im not in it... mostly cause im too young... but i have a few friends that are 19, 21, 28... and i think tristan was in it... but im really not sure. Oh well. Anyways i saw them in the midst of a group of them heading to the the airport today. I love how they dress when they come in. im not sure if there was a meeting here or not. But i just know i got to see them and i havent seen them in a long time so that was fun for me. We all sat out in my front yard chatting for a bit. I gave them big cups of coffee then we all walked down to get real coffee from Denny's after i realized i had made the coffee too strong. We ate and talked for a few minutes.. there interested in my DD cards and they really want to teach how to play the actual game. I would really love to learn! -is actaully a big RPG'er at heart ^_^;;- oh well there back home now. confy in there own beds. one with her husband, one with his fiance, the other back home to his two other roommates and college tomorrow. Cant wait till summer when they fly out again. ^_^ they loved my shoes... Sara wanted to take them from me... she said that she cant believe how much i have grown in two years. that i look completely differant (i do?) and that my attitude is changed alot as well. I miss her. but her husband probably misses her more so i let her get on her plane and get back there on time for him. (her husband rocks!!! I swear he is the coolest!) The other two were really interested when i told them about all the religion stuff i have been dealing with. I actually thought they were Christians... so i sat there in fear of head slapping when i told them. Actually it turns out they are all catholics... O_O! I was uber dumbstruck. then i thought... why am i so shocked! heh. they have been uber cool people too me. and never once judged me because i was a christian. They said next time they come in (late June through beginning of July) that i will have to go to Mass with them up in capital hill! -giggles- im finaly feeling giddy about religion!
speaking of feeling giddy. I was talking to my aunt about Drama society and she asked if i still plan to become a drama teacher. I told her of course. she looked at me an said but i thought you wanted to go into graphic design? I nodded at her and replyed "I still like graphic design. But i love drama. I love the feeling i get of directing students. telling them were to stand. helping them learn the plays, and helping them to understand why they scripts say and what they do." she smiled widely at me. she cleared the dishes and started to wash them. I looked at her and asked "what?" she laughed a bit then turned back to me. She said "that is the reason why i wanted to be a L.A. teacher. But i ran out of steam before my five years were up and only did 4" i smiled at her " i will do all 5 years. 6 if needed. I want to do this. It makes me smile and.... i feel just full after doing it. the work and stuff isnt hard to me. it makes me smile and i don't think i will ever get tired of it!" "she smiled at me again and reply "I think, in someways, you are already a drama teacher." Oh my Geez! i nearly started to cry (i am very emotional when im sick) to hear that just made me so giddy. when nobody was looking i went out into her front room and did my old balla routines till my feet were soar. Thank you... OMG... i wanted to hear those words for so long.
When we went past the school about 10ish tonight the only light on was in the drama room. normally its in the band room... today it was dram. I thought to my self. if i feel so giddy about just seeing that room. being near that room. going by a school. teaching classes... what will i be like when i actually become a teacher? will i be good enough? will i be strong enough? i think i will. but how do i know. i then thought... of course i will be. My spirit tells me i will be. im working towards something that will make a difference on people's lifes. There may not be a lot of schools willing to hire me... but i will try my darndest to try to make each student feel welcome in a classroom, happy about who they are, make them see that thay have an escape route when they need it, and make sure i give every ounce of energy to them!
As Athena would say... im phyco. but to be a teacher... you have to be a little phyco.
Where's the fun if your not!
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