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Merge and MERG!

Merge. For those of you on my "Truth Be Told" List i merged the last two entrys for Friends List Conveniance. Dont you just love me?
Knew you did!


Hahhaha! In order to stifle pain exuding from my stomache AKA Cramps. I was in an effort to find something to do. Not finding the cookbook i wanted to maim i found a box of cloths in the closet hidden in our hallway (seriously.. I forgot we had a closet there!) Annnnnyways. I went rifling through it and found tons of old shirts from the 70. Now.. I must say... My Dad was a Big Boy at that age.. So the shirts are pretty big.. Plus.. That was about the time My dad met my mom.. so the shirts were picked to be worn by the both of them (Everyone go "Awwwww")
So went digging through.. and what to my shock did i find? Shirts! That can be donated to drama! yes.. well all of them can.. but there in really good condition these are.. But i siad to myself "Lets try a couple on first!" Grabbed a Silk button up shirt with long sleeves and tried it on.. Woot! It fits! and what else! I realised i tried it on two summers ago when my dad was throwing out old cloths! IT DIDNT FIT THEN! Yes!
So now im in cute clothing.. i mean cute.. I look like im ready to go to a club or something.. @_@ "Someone will take me to a club..."
Yes.. So i want to do something.. My hair is kinda cute worthy.. my toenails are still black (Havent chipped.. so no desire to repaint them) and i can show of my necklace i made.. anyone? Anywhere? Please? Anna Needs to get out again!
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