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I took my own advice for once and started making jewery again.. which kicked my tushy in motion to finish Tristans Preasant... which i did.. now.. there is still another half to it.. which i will not say.. but i can't decide wheather to send it down with what i just finished... or give it to her her at christmas.... hmmmmm...
But anyways.. yes... I making jewelry again! Ha! But im doing it diferantly.. before i started of doing it for fun and just to sell later.. but then i had requests.. because of that i have stayed away from it for aabout a year and a half. So THIS time im not doing that. If you want jewerly customed designed.. you can go and get the beads and make it... Im up for teaching. Its just that When i take on requests it becomes a job... and soon becomes something thats not as enjoyable as before because of all the requests. Plus.. the quality goes down because im not paying as much attention to the peice.. but more paing attention to just getting it done so i can finish the next one in line so im closer to free time. do you get what i mean?
If nobody understands this.. im sorry.
If someone does.. Yay! I make sense for once!

on too other things that has been on my mind.
I need a job.. Im looking at spencers.. I have to by school cloths and all that jazz.. pluss payback sevral people that i have been borrowing money from through out the summer.
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If anybody has a Digital Camera they are willing to take pictures of the jewelry i have been making.. that lives near by.. could you pwease take pictures for me? I wan't to take picture of the necklace i made and the couple sets of earings i made also.. pwease? I'll make you cookies! *brings out her cookie book* and they wont be suger cookies either! (don't even get me started.. they tasted like sugerish biscuts... im still sorry about that.. even if you guys still say it was funny)
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