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*smiles* - coffee swirl


So tired!
Ahh... but i must recap for all ya'll!
Sunday i was abducted by Kaleigh... at around 7ish. We drove out to her house in Woodenville and set up the blankets to go to bed... Sleeping did not commence for about 7 or 8 hours (we got there at around 8... set up for bed and didn't go to sleep till around 4 in the morning) could this lack of sleep possibly been because of the vodka we had... most likely... and you know what... vodka isn't that bad... if i must say so myself. (yes yes. another one of my childhood goals broken... infact... i think there is only one left... and thats already been knicked quite a bit...)
Got woke up by my mom calling to see if we were up yet at about 9ish... we werent... we were on the ground in the sleeping bags snoozing away... we both went back to sleep, and didn't wake up till 1 in the afternoon.we got up, had breakfast... then went downstairs and read Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter till around four-ish. By that time we were craving something else to do so we went through there DVD collection... I was very surprised that she had not seen Van Helsing yet... So we both turned out the lights, made popcorn, and watched Van Helsing for a few good hours... boy... shes a scaredy cat. She kept turning down the volume and covering her eyes...ah well.... needless to say, never when Hugh or Kate was on the screen... go figure :P of course neither did i :P
Then we watched the audio commentary... which was fun. we laughed through that and then her mom said we could go to the mall if we got up early on tuesday... so we got up at 9... both took our showers fixed our hair (she has a new hair cut... red to brown to black and its cut like something out of Chicago... It looks great on her! Then her mom picked us up at about 11 o'clock and we went to the redmond town center (Tried to call jordan... no answer... must have been working) and ogled the guys, well guys and girls in her case, but mainly guys... the Pretzel boy had recurring visits by our giggling fitz :P
We hit bath and body works, the body shop, Victoria Secret, GAP, Uncle's Games, EB games, Cow Chip Cookies, Wetzels Pretzels (Tee hee hee) Borders, Limited Too, and ColdStone Creamery... lots of fun. We both have new stuff now... and i now have a non-Library issue of Kusheil's Dart for me to pour over, lots of new black jelly bracelets, new earing's, Cookies, Pretzels (^_^) , a new borders bracelet, and a new thing of Burt's Bees: Beeswax lip balm (My favorite lip balm in the WORLD!)... just lots of little things. so we had fun... then Coldstone overpriced us... and so Kaleigh needed a "Mommy" Hug. so we walked over to the Cingular Buildings and Kaliegh got a big hug from my mom. we sat there eating Icecream and talking for a good two hours till her mom showed up and she had to go :( :( :( :( i didn't want to say goodbye yet but she had to finish packing to go home on thursday *sigh* but yes... so i had a really good weekend.
And now my MSN isn't working... si i must live... and i have to go clean up the bathroom... My dad had a good birthday on monday... 58! can you believe it? i'll be going out for collage and he will be 60! wow... okay.. i should be letting you all go now... mostly because i know you guys probably stopped reading a long time ago.
Oh... and Laurie Halse Anderson... Shes cool... Just restating it. Every time she replies she is added again to my coolness mind chart.