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What is Beauty to you?

Is it who you love? Or is it everything you have ever experianced?

they call me Anna, I call myself a happy disaster.
25 May 1988
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drama society is love
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Jesus is Love.

If i were to say i was happy in my own skin i would be lying to you.
If i were to say i was loved by all i come in contact with i would be lying to you.

If i were to say i am deeply confused about everything i would be telling the truth.
If i were to say i have love for everyone when i first meet them i would be telling the truth.

I am a strong individual... yet sometimes i faulter... normally thats with love. Love is my weekest part. When love is recouring, distant, or not even there period i am at my weakest. Leaving me wide open to depression. Normally i am pretty happy, pretty chipper, and almost always bouncy. But there are Blah days.. days where i just have to remember that all this passes i just have to live through it.

When i was Very little i fell in love with Drama and acting. First with musicals, then Shakespeare (i have been known to yell "Will Power!" when i like a part in a play ^_^) In about the 7th grade i was rekindled with it from the loving direction of Tristan Hendrickson. I maintain contact with her since she has moved away... but more so because of friendship. With her help i was opened back up to a world i love... Theatre! Because i love it so much I am currently looking at becoming a Drama Teacher. I would love to see the kids master skills and gain there own voice.

I am 17 and live at home with my Mom and Dad, My brother, 3 cats, and one dog. I am constantly fighting with my parents.... i try not too... but they don't make it easy... there always fighting aswell. My brother... grr.. Mixed feelings about him. He mostly an ass.. but he can be friendly. There are things about my family that know one will learn till im out of Highschool and away from here... *sigh* i can't wait for that day.

I tend to analyze things when im bored or depressed... so i tend to ramble... I have written books.. but no where near close to the ferocity and honesty of my journals. I have been told i should write a new book... we will just have to see -_^

Also.. Every year my best friend turns a nother year older.. the ones i love to death i call and tell them, and most times get a gift for... this year, no matter what, I will post my friends happy birthday here. just incase.


you're 18 girlie!!! how wonderful?! congrats! your amazing.

I am writer, i feel it is an excelant stage to get your emotions out but, sometimes things are better kept to yourself. That is why i have groups:

Parting is such sweet Sorrows - seriouse talks. To those i know can handle it
Rancid Ink - My articles that i dont submit to The Student Underground, The Signal, or things that dont make it into my books
Not for your eyes - When im just saving stuff for me... only two other people can see those so they know where i am.
Oh Happy Days- When im pissed off or start cursing things go under here.
Truth be Told- Things that have not made it over to my other account angelofchains
Yayness- mostly everyone on my friends list except a few for reason i wouldn't like to go in depth about.

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Woot too Aliza! Go Look at her shop (Liza D. Creations) at the following link!: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Or Visit her by looking up lizad_creations!
Woot to our former school rock band! (How to Kill a Cow) their new name is Noble Obligation and they still totatly rock dudes!!!
My good friend Katies web comic ^_^ : Pocket Dude
My friend Caitlin's (Caitlin45) webbie for her Online Radio (deraitland) Deraitland
My friend Heathers Article thingy on a Music for Canada page Heather Hutchison
My friend Heathers Website (congrats on your New CD release darlin'!!!) Heathers Webbie
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