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Sorry I have been so distant lately.. I just have a lot on my plate.. my computer fried itself again.. and I havebeen really using my twitter more than anything else (same username on there as on here)
Problem is things are just getting to a point were its all starting to catch up.. I am getting to a point were things are just making me sad.. things that shouldn't..
I mean this year has been better overall.. The seasonal depression is pretty much gone..
but I'm lonely... and need a new job.. and a car I really want to drive.
I don't like just sitting around waiting for things to happen.. but I don't like messing up what might happen for the better if i don't. so till then everything Iw ant is on hold.. till I have a way that is opened up to me that says I might be able to.. a clear sign from god saying I can go fourth with his plans..
one of which i hope is college. I don't have the funding for it.. and having my parents sit down and help me is like pulling teeth.
so till things get figure out I will still be working in a job I dislike, waiting for guy that will treat me right, and hoping I can take the classes in college I want while driving the car I want.
dreams... dreams.. their right next door to the closet in my mind that says "vacation" (i'm lucky that door is getting opened a crack this may for Omak and Las Vegas..)

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