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another one.. sorry

I got tagged on Facebook to do this Meme.. but I don't want to post it on there.. since.. well.. I have a few teachers on there.

The Needy Meme:
Look up your name on followed by the words "needs" (Example "Patricia needs") then post the top ten needs for your name.

1. Anna needs to be excused from class (what class?)

2. Anna needs sex (ummmmmmmmmMMmmmmMMMmmm...)

3. Anna NEEDS MORE COFFEE!!! (I actually have pretty much stopped drinking coffee and switched over to tea)

4. Anna needs a fan club (Okay!!)

5. Anna needs the money she's owed to put food on the table (or to pay her insurance bill....)

6. Anna needs to be changed (don't we all at some point?)

7. Anna needs her own smiley (lets get cracken on that one!)

8. Anna needs new ones (from a plastic surgery site XD)

9. Anna needs botox (LOL!!!!!!)

10. anna needs 2 gt a fuckn life!!!! gosh ur bn a babe!! ;) (that one made me laugh the most! hahaha!)

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