June 22nd, 2009


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a woman had just gotten out of the shower when she heard a knock at the door.

so she went to the door and said "who is it?"

"It's the Blind Man, May I come in?"

She thought about it for a second then decided "Yes, you can come in"

she opened up the door and let him in saying a very nice "Hello"

The man answered back with a smile on his face "Nice tit's, where do you want me to hang the blinds?"


Sorry. Figured I would open with a joke.
I haven't had much to do with myself lately.. you know.. basically living life in the twirl that it has spun me up into.
Howard Johnson terminated me.. shortly after the person who terminated me was let go. tough nougies!
I have been fascinated with songs about water and running lately.. amazing.. I was just looking through my iTunes list and noticed it... I think I need to just get away from my life and live life by myself.. with just two arms open.. one for my closest friends... and one on God.. It's been hard this year.. and I am happy to say I don't see myself falling down anytime and really letting the darkness take over.. I am probably more optimistic than ever.. I have really started to let myself take over. Let my goals pursue themselves.. and let my spirit and style dance in the faces of those who said I shouldn't. It's almost magical.
I love sitting at the Des Moines marina and painting the sunset.. painting while Brit sit by with her feet in the water... it's wonderful just to be content in the world.. even for a few moments... I like that me and Brit have a bond that we can feed off of.. we know when something is wrong.. and we know what will make each other feel better.. and sometimes its a big gesture.. but it's little meanings that capture our smiles the most...
I feel blessed in my skin right now.. My family life may not be the strongest.. but my faith just continues to grow.. and my perspective of life continues to grow bigger and bigger... and its because of that that I know the sunset is not hte closing on a a day.. but a start of another..
I really don't know what to say.. I guess.. That I am content.
Jobless, heartbroken, and artistic-ly.. content.
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